what we do

Apna Law involves a team of highly skilled litigators with experience in assisting those who have been involved in all types of personal injury claims including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrians who have been struck by cars, occupiers liability claims as well as slip and falls. 

Apna Law is a collaboration between Jasroop Grewal and James Gill designed to provide a fresh new concept in assisting clients with personal injury and ICBC claims. Apna Law also strives to assist those with language barriers, as both Jasroop and James are fluent in Punjabi. 

Our Mission

Apna Law was established out of a request from our clients.  In 2015, Jasroop and James were regularly being approached by prospective clients across British Columbia who were either dissatisfied with their current counsel, or were seeking a lawyer who they could connect and communicate effectively with.  As they began to assist more clients in the South Asian community, they realized that there was a need for young litigators with trial experience to assist those who were navigating personal injury and ICBC claims on their own.  As a result, Apna Law was born.  

Apna Law is a team of litigators who work together on all of our cases, big or small.  Our focus is on communicating regularly with our clients to ensure that they understand the complicated world of ICBC claims and personal injury lawsuits.  We regularly represent clients with complex injuries including soft tissue injuries, orthopedic fractures, brain injuries, psychological injuries and neurological injuries.

In addition to ICBC and personal injury litigation, Jasroop and James have represented clients in aviation litigation, defamation litigation, commercial litigation, construction litigation, product liability litigation, denial of insurance coverage claims and committeeships.  If we are not able to help you with your legal issue we can refer you to one of the many lawyers in our network.  

Apna Law is a part of and works in collaboration with Pacific Law Group, a leading personal injury firm. 


An EXAMPLE OF What We've Achieved
no case IS too big or TOO small

  • K.D. v. K.J. et al - ICBC offered the client $25,000 to settle his claim.  Jasroop, in what was the first trial of his career, helped Mr. D obtain a judgment of $140,954.13.
  • D.W. v. D.T. et al - the client was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident that left him with a permanent brain injury.  Jasroop assisted the lead lawyer at his previous firm with this claim, which eventually resolved at mediation for over one million dollars.







  • C.G. v. M.M. et al - Ms. G suffered soft tissue injuries as a result of this accident. Ms. G had the right of way as a vehicle pulled from a stop sign.  The defendants denied that they were liable for the accident and put the blame on Ms. G. After Ms. G retained Jasroop, the defendants accepted responsibility by settling Ms. G's claim for $69,000.




The postings on this website represent the summaries by and opinions of Apna Law. They are not in any way to be taken as legal advice. In order to receive legal advice, contact the members of Apna Law to book a consultation appointment.